The semi felted shawl for women and men is an exclusive piece in the musumusu collection. "Annalisa" is made of 100% cashmere and knitted, with a pampering fringe that gives the pashmina an effortlessly sophisticated look. Its super fine texture is obtained through massaging the cashmere by hand. Only the most adept artisans are able to hand produce this piece of cashmere
Color: Mandari Orange

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  1. Hand wash your cashmere garment at low temperature with a gentle liquid detergent, massage it and rinse it well, but do not wring it.
  2. Machine wash your cashmere garment in a mesh bag and choose the wool/delicate/hand wash setting at maximum 30 degrees with a gentle liquid detergent and no or gentle cycle.
  3. Carefully pull the cashmere garment into shape and roll it into two towels to squeeze the excess water out. Lay it flat and let it air dry. Avoid direct heat or sunlight and do not hang it.
  4. If needed, iron your cashmere garment with steam at a 5cm (2 inches) distance.
  5. Remember that cashmere is a living fibre and pilling is a natural effect. To remove the pills, use the fabric comb or razor.
  6. Store your cashmere garment in the Musumusu organza bag that comes with each purchase.
  7. Take care of your Musumusu garment: before putting it on, remove any accessory or jewellery that could damage it.


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