Musumusu Cashmere


“Musumusu” means smile in Nepali, a smile which is worth twice: precious to those who give it, precious to those who receive it.

Musumusu is the brain-child of Ludwig Stoffel and Giovanna Stefanel-Stoffel who visited Nepal 20 years ago and fell instantly in love with the country. They were touched by the warmth and kindness they found in the rich culture and tradition nestled between the high Himalayas and the plain Terai. Driven to give back to the country, they gave a home to 30 children, some of whom are now continuing their higher education abroad while others are sponsored in safe, homely and encouraging environment in Kathmandu, and some continue their career in musumusu. 

During this journey, they noticed that a lot of youth in Nepal were migrating abroad for better job opportunities, getting into debt and working under harsh conditions. They also realised how skilled Nepali craftsmen weren't getting as much recognition and appreciation as they deserve. With extensive knowledge and experience in the European fashion industry, Giovanna Stefanel-Stoffel combined luxury fashion with a social purpose and established Musumusu. 

Musumusu Cashmere Nepal

The highly talented and successful individuals have always prioritised sharing their good fortune with those in need. hence, they found a way to impart their help here in Nepal as well. Musumusu takes pride in Nepali craftsmanship. This with the determination to bring Nepali craftsmanship to the map of the world with the help of Italian creativity, musumusu aim to become the first global sustainable Cashmere brand from Nepal. Musumusu aims at becoming a source of Job opportunities for the Nepali youth, empowering women by providing them with a safe and encouraging work environment with competitive wages.