Founders Musumusu Cashmere Nepal

 Ludwig Maximilian Stoffel

A passion for art, knowledge of sustainability and determination to attain the highest quality are the core of this expert property developer- Ludwig Maximilian Stoffel. One of the heirs of Stoffel Holding, a successful family-run business in Bavaria, Ludwig is honest when it comes to his work. Consequently, he, together with his brother, Manfred, successfully spread this business all over Germany. Ludwig has keen interest in knowing new people and understanding their culture. A year traveling around Asia had a particular impact on him that steered him towards making a positive social impact. Committing to this, he founded Stoffel Family Foundation in early 2000 out of love for humanity and a respect for people in need.

Giovanna Stefanel-Stoffel 

Giovanna is a connoisseur in the fashion industry and is expert at luxury fashion. She has worked as the art director at one of the leading Italian brands-STEFANEL, founded by her father. With this experience, she now has collaborated with her partner Ludwig, to design aesthetic and highest quality real estates for modern people under the name STOFANEL Investment AG. Giovanna particularly believes in sharing her good fortune with those in need. Driven to make an impact in the world, her foundation makes contributions to actions that serve a greater purpose 


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