How to store your Cashmere?


If you want to maintain the shape and texture of your luxurious Cashmere for a long time, then you need to store it correctly. Use these tips to keep your Cashmere in excellent condition all year round

If you are wearing your cashmere garments on a daily then store them between wears in a clean and dry drawer or shelf. Never hang your Cashmere garments as it can distort the shape of the shoulders. Always fold them. 

If you’re storing your Cashmere to wear in another season then use a breathable garment bag or a storage box. Make sure that they are completely dry as moisture can damage your Cashmere. To avoid wrinkles, use acid-free tissue papers to wrap your Cashmere garments. Always clean your Cashmere before storing them to avoid moths that are attracted to any kinds of biological scent. For added precaution, use cedar wood moth repellents.