How to care for your Cashmere

How to care for your Cashmere?

Wash Care

If you have invested in one of the Cashmere pieces from Musumusu then be assured that it has an unparalleled superior quality. Since cashmere is a soft and delicate fabric, it requires more attention than other kinds of fabric. Doing so will make your Cashmere garments last you a lifetime in an excellent condition. That is one of the reasons Cashmere is also used as an heirloom. 

Although Cashmere can be dry cleaned, it is best to wash by hands so that the quality is retained. Here are some important points to remember while washing them. Always use cold or lukewarm water and never exceed 40 degrees. If you’re going for dry cleaning and have scarves and stoles then, don’t mix them with the rest of the garments. Instead use net bags which will keep them from stretching and losing their shape. 

Note that Cashmere is an extremely delicate fabric so it requires mild detergent. Strictly avoid using regular detergents that might harm the natural fibers of Cashmere. You can also go with baby shampoo too. 

Let the Cashmere soak in the detergent solution for a few minutes then gently squeeze the fabric. Avoid rubbing, twisting and wringing it. This will result in misshaping or even damage of the fabric. Lastly, rinse your Cashmere thoroughly and remove excess water by gently pressing on it.

Allow your Cashmere to air-dry on a flat surface away from direct sunlight, radiators or any other heat sources. Never hang them as the weight of the water causes the Cashmere to misshape.  

How to care for your Cashmere?