Asha -The collection of Organic dyes

Hope is the thing with feathers, and with ASHA, it is also the warm feeling of being wrapped in the blissful embrace of Nature. ASHA, which is Sanskrit for –– you guessed it! Hope - is perhaps the most enduring strength we possess as humans. We present to you our humble collection so that one may, even in stumbling times, remember to hope and find joy around ASHA. 

This year the world is recuperating from all the excitement that 2020 was. There is a notion of uncertainty abundant around us, and ‘Return’ has taken on an entirely new meaning. Sure, time for many of us has never looked grimmer, but our collective hope for a better, brighter tomorrow has brought us this far, and it will continue to guide us. 

With inspiration directly from Nature, we from musumusu have created a brand new sustainable collection of natural-dyed pashmina scarfs made of 100% finest cashmere yarn. The ASHA pashminas are all natural-dyed and use local plants to create beautiful soft colors handmade by our professional dyeing masters. 

With ASHA, we hope to provide you with the same inspiration and spirit we receive from the rich life around us. ASHA holds a piece for everyone and guarantees to bring a smile upon your face and warm comfort into your soul.